Flexible & Secure

The Tripod Mount™ is the flexible yet secure mount for your smartphone, making it easy to position, transport, and take pics on the fly. Use it with a self-timer, time-lapse, panorama shots, or even analyzing your swing on the golf course.

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Patented flexible technology

The top clamp is spring loaded, allowing for easy insertion/removal while providing a secure tight grip of your smartphone. This patented simple grip fits the new iPhone 7, most smartphones, and most point-and-shoot cameras. Available for iPhone 7 plus.

Designed to flex

Featuring a flexible 5" neck, the Tripod Mount can bend to almost any angle desired without moving the tripod. And the adjustable swivel head moves 360° for optimal use.

Any standard tripod

The machine finish threads are designed to be used on any standard tripod. Tripod not included.