In Honor of International Day of People with Disability

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Back in 2009, our only thought when we made the In Your Face Viewbase was to hold smartphones, but as time went on, we found out our products have helped people with disabilities have more enjoyment in their lives.  And in honor of International Day of People with Disability, we thought this would be a perfect time to share how our humble smartphone holder has helped those with disabilities.

International Day of People with Disability

We received calls over the years from parents whose children have very limited mobility and can only watch their iPod or phone for movies.  They had special needs where we modified our holders for their specific requirements. As one mom put it, "his life revolves around movies and you have opened his world".  Wow!  We would've never thought we could have such an impact, but we're sure glad we do. I cannot begin to tell you how that makes us as a company feel!

In the news today is one other important development we feel you'd like to know - the US Congress has a bill in the pipeline that would give more help to the disabled.  It is a bipartisan bill that they feel will fly through Congress.  It is called the "Achieving a Better Life Experience Act".  In a nutshell - families would be able to set up tax-free savings accounts at financial institutions to pay for expenses such as education, housing, transportation, job training and health care.

The accounts could accrue up to $100,000 without the person losing eligibility for government aid such as Social Security disability payments; currently, the asset limit is $2,000. Medicaid coverage would continue no matter how much money is deposited in the accounts.

It's good to see Congress is doing their part and we at In Your Face will keep doing our part, too!


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  • I would like to say that my son, Kyle, is one of those children that Marion and company has helped for years. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this company. Such a small item that changes my son’s life drastically for the better. We also get so many compliments about his set up and I gladly tell them about in your face!

    Jana Gundy on

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