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What a Pain in the Neck!

Posted by Marion Kohte at

As you might've heard, bending down to check on your phone can really be a "pain in the neck". Here's a graph that tells the truth about how much damage you might be doing to your neck.  And, after all, you'll need your neck to hold up your head! This was the whole idea behind the name of our company, IN YOUR FACE.  Our beautiful holders help you bring your neck upright and comfortable.  See our new pricing at $19.95 for our viewbase and help your neck hold up your head.  

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Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice - for your new iPhone 11

Posted by Marion Kohte at watching a video while kicking back with your favorite Fall beverage and your IN YOUR FACE viewbase.  Whether traveling to grandma's house for Thanksgiving or back at work, you need an IN YOUR FACE holder.  Be sure to order our PLUS size for the new iPhone 11 and X models.     *flowers, drink, and phone not included

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