Super Features for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus!

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Well, it looks like Apple has done it again in making the iPhone even more interesting than the last.

Some of the features that are new is that there won't be any headphone jack.  You might be in panic mode right now, but fear not, there will be adapters available so you can use your trusty earbuds.  Should you be among the brave, they will have wireless air pods, but that'll run about $150.  Along with those air pods, will go stereo speakers.  Super for all those movies and videos and great to have the IN YOUR FACE viewbase holding your shiny new phone so you can sit back and comfortably watch.

The colors available will be the standard silver, gold, and pink along with a matte black and the new jet black which is glossy.

As far as the camera, it's increased the pixels and the rear camera has a wider aperture (I guess you photographers know what that means).  The iPhone 7 plus also has dual lenses one of which is a telephoto lens. For those progressive souls who have left their standard cameras behind, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus should be paired with the IN YOUR FACE tripod mount for those great group shots and panoramic photos.

That's it in the nutshell!  Happy iPhone-ing!

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