Why Hold Your Phone Now that HBO is Free on AT&T Unlimited Wireless Plan

Posted by Marion Kohte at

What great news!  But the bad news is you're going to have to hold your phone while you watch all those great movies and shows.  No you don't - not with the great smartphone holders from IN YOUR FACE.

What a great time to get the IN YOUR FACE viewbase and clamp it on to the tray table on the plane (phones are still allowed on the planes).  Maybe when the boss isn't looking, you can even watch something when the IN YOUR FACE viewbase is clamped to your desk.  It's also handy when your in a video conference or want to keep working when a call comes in.

Check out our great line of smartphone holders and the photos showing all the ways to use them.  With IN YOUR FACE you just sit back and enjoy the show!

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